Automate the communication process with customers

Reduce missed appointments and keep your customers in the loop

Managing all of your cleaning service jobs, invoices, and estimates can be a hassle! Put a stop to your frustration with our cleaning service management software that’s built for businesses just like yours!

Customize SMS & Email template

You can easily customize your message with your preferable words and also with special short codes to replace names and other job values.

Start a job process

Once you are done setting up with your reminder and notification messages, you are ready to schedule and dispatch jobs.

Send automated reminders

Your customers will receive automated SMS and emails for each job and payment stages which are enabled by you.

Let your customer know...

Jobpatcher allows you to set an automated notification or reminder to your customers for changes of job status.

Job is scheduled

You can let your customers know the time, date, field worker’s details and more for the scheduled job using automated SMS and email.

Field worker is on the way

Once the field workers move for the job and change the job status to “On my way” an automated SMS and email will be sent to customer to notify it.

Job is finished

After the job is done, you can send the job details and invoice to your customer using automated SMS and email.

Estimate & Invoice reminders

For service business its very common to encounter with on-site live estimate presentatian upon property inspection and also there are other kinds such as estimating over the phone and email. Jobpatcher allows you to organize all of your estimates in a better way following their status. You can set reminders for estimates with rules like if an estimate is not beeing responded within certain number of days, an automated SMS and email reminder will be triggered for the customer with customized message of yours.

Jobpatcher also allows you to see how many invoices are awaiting to be paid, many are past due and which invoices have been paid. An invoice payment reminder is an automatic email and SMS to remind your customer that an invoice is coming due or that it is overdue. With Jobpatcher you can easily customize the message for the invoice reminders and enable the automation with your own rules.

Customize and automate your SMS and email templates

Jobpatcher allows you to customize all of the SMS messages for the different type of notifications and reminders, so that you can make them more personalized and professional before sending them automatically to the customers.

You will also be given access of few different styles of email templates to choose from. Customize the messages on each different templates to send automated email reminders and updates to your customers.

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