Save time & Impress customers with Estimating software

Create, Send and Convert estimate to paying job easily

Create professional estimates quickly and easily without complex spreadsheets or text documents. Simply choose your services and materials from preloaded list and send the quote to customer for approval at the click of a button.

Create & Schedule

Quickly create estimate with services and materials need to provide. You can send the estimate right away or schedule for an on-site assessment.

Send for approval

On estimate page of your Jobpatcher account you can see the status of all your estimates, you can simply change estimate status with a click.

Convert to job

Efortlessly covert an accepted estimate to a paying job with push of a button, with all the customer’s information, services and materials details.

Simplified estimate management

Jobpatcher offers estimating with your company branding, and easily include important details such as services and materials costing list, discounts and contract terms. If it requires to inspect property in person in order to provide an estimare, you can simply schedule on-site assessment to start the estimating process. If field workers receive requests to update anything from customers, no problem! You or your field workers can edit and resend it for approval again.

  • On-site assessment
  • One-click status change
  • Convert estimate to job in seconds

Estimating across all devices

With automatic cloud syncing you and your field workers always have the most up to date information on projects, clients, schedules, and more. Everything is automatically saved and securely backed up to the cloud.

Estimate reminders

If an estimate status doesn’t change within a set amount of time that you specify, Jobpatcher will notify you to send reminder to the customer.

On-spot presentation

Upon live inspection, field workers can presemt an quick estimate to the customer providing information with required services and materials.

Approval signature

If your business requires signature of a customer to start working, your field workers can ask for a signature by opening the ‘Approve’ option.

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