Monitor live location based activities of your team

Check in real-time whether your field workers are where they should be

Improve your on-field operations with Jobpatcher’s live GPS tracking feature. By watching an easy to understand live map view of all the online field workers, you can do job planning by knowing where your field workers are right now.

Install mobile app

Provide your field workers the iOS app or Android app based on the kind of mobile device they use in order to start chatting.

Allow location access

The permission to access the mobile’s GPS location tracking capabilities must need to be allowed by the app users.

Start location tracking

You can now see your field worker’s current location on the live map. The location pins will change accordingly upon their movements.

Simplified team communication

To start a communication with your team, no need to keep their contact numbers on your personal phone anymore. Using Jobpatcher, quickly find anyone from employee’s list or search using job role or job ID to start a conversation.

Single tap conversation

Look for a team member you want to send a quick message or files, Click on the name to open the chatting page and boom!

Group chatting

To educe clutter and increase efficiency the in-app chatting allows you to create group chat with multiple field workers.

Push notifications

Upon receiving a new message you will instantly see an alert bubble on web app and push notification on mobile app.

See the works happen in real time

Jobpatcher’s real-time GPS tracking feature allows you to keep an eye on the activities and performance of your team to end each work day successfully.

Increase job efficiency

You can see and analyze real-time field worker’s movements and performance, so next time make adjustments to plans if needed.

Monitor route and work

With live route tracking you will know if field workers are moving on time or behind the schedule, so you can make the proper decision.

Real-time updates

You can provide accurate information about the arrival time of field workers to the customers based on real-time GPS locations.

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