On-the-go conversation between office and field worker

Take service business to the next level with instant in-app chatting

Jobpatcher’s in-app chatting feature allows you to instantly get connected with your deskless field workers without any phone calls or emails. Starting a conversation and sharing files on both mobile device or computer is simple and straightforward.

Download app

Provide your field workers the iOS app or Android app based on the kind of mobile device they use in order to start chatting.

Get logged in

Your field workers need to get logged in to their account with mobile app to receive push notifications for new chat message.

Start chatting

You and your field workers now can upload images, videos or files to a conversation fast and easily. You also can create group chat for efficiency.

Simplified team communication

To start a communication with your team, no need to keep their contact numbers on your personal phone anymore. Using Jobpatcher, quickly find anyone from employee’s list or search using job role or job ID to start a conversation.

Single tap conversation

Look for a team member you want to send a quick message or files, Click on the name to open the chatting page and boom!

Group chatting

To educe clutter and increase efficiency the in-app chatting allows you to create group chat with multiple field workers.

Push notifications

Upon receiving a new message you will instantly see an alert bubble on web app and push notification on mobile app.

Strong features and security

A complete solutions for fast and easy team communication for your business. We also built highly advanced conversation setting for admin to control.

Time saving

No need for multiple phone calls or endless emails in order to perform a single task. In-app chatting is the right solution for you.

Photos, videos or files

In-app chatting allows your team members to upload photos, videos or files within a conversation.

Safe and secure

Documents and Media are never saved on a field worker’s device and also conversations can’t be shared outside the app.

Talk to a real person. No matter the question.

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