Easy to assign drag and drop Scheduling software

Schedule fast, Be aware of next jobs, and Be more reliable

Without having a proper work plan, customers will be disappointed, and you won’t be able to reach your goals. So before sending your field workers to perform any job, you need Jobpatcher’s smart scheduling features to clearly schedule out their time, date and tasks.

Setup jobs

User Jobpatcher’s advanced drag and drop feature to schedule any unscheduled job or directly create a new on from dispatch board.

Assign & Notify

Get a clear visual availability overview of field workers before assign them on any job. Automated notifications will be sent to inform them also.

View & Edit

Jobpatcher’s dispatch calendar board shows all scheduled jobs in a very organized. You can also edit job details and assigned team anytime.

Advanced drag & drop scheduling

With Jobpatcher, setting up basic or recurring jobs, assign field workers and set arrival windows only takes few clicks to finish. So save time for your dispatchers and money for your business with Jobpatcher’s drag and drop advanced scheduling software. You will see color coded jobs on your dispatch board to get an idea about the current stage of each job visually. Also view the calendar board by day, month or employee to get an overview of what’s coming next.

  • Set up job and arrival window
  • Assign and notify field workers
  • Multiple calendar views

Prepare most complex job easily

Every job is unique and each job comes with specific needs, Jobpatcher is crafted for you business such way that when you receive the most hard to handle work request, it helps you to manage the process smoothly. You can see your schedule board days, weeks or even months in advance to schedule field workers for multiple days for a bigger job. With Jobpatcher it’s also easy to schedule with multiple field workers for a single job or send help by adding additional field workers for a job which is on the fly.

  • Advanced dispatch board
  • Multiple field workers in a single job
  • Assign additional field workers on the fly

Keep field workers a step ahead

Your field workers are always connected to the office with Jobpatcher’s mobile app. Offer field workers the flexibility you want them to have. Allow or restrict them to see upcoming scheduled jobs, customer’s data, invoicing and more

Access upcoming jobs

Allow field workers to access all upcoming jobs those are scheduled to them, so that they can make working plan accordingly in advance.

Push notifications

Once you schedule a job or change to an field worker’s current job they will receive a notification in their app within a minute.

Keep customers informed

From scheduling a job to once your field workers set off for a job, customers will be always updated with SMS and email notifications.

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