Service job management just got easier for you

Powerful All-in-one Job Management Software

Managing all of your cleaning service jobs, invoices, and estimates can be a hassle! Put a stop to your frustration with our cleaning service management software that’s built for businesses just like yours!

Create a job

Add new or select an existing customer to start a job creation process, then include the service you’re going to offer and materials to provide.

Schedule & Dispatch

Your final state for a job creation is to choose the right field workers then assign them for right time and date. Notifications will be sent to all.

Finish job & Get paid

Monitor all your field workers activities as they are on their way to work till they finish the task. Confirm the job as completed and get paid instant.

Digitized your field workers

Jobpatcher offers you simpler and more efficient ways to manage your all field workers. Make smart business decisions and maximize work efficiency with essential employee data from any device, anytime, anywhere

Informative employee profile

The profiles of your field workers are well organized. All information is easily accessable to make swift decision when needed.

Visual team calendar

Easily see who is available and when to plan your next job. Simply drag and drop an unschedule job to your field worker’s calendar board to schedule.

Real-time location tracking

The real-time movements of each online field worker can be seen on map, So you will know exactly where your field workers are right now.

Field workers with mobile apps

Jobpatcher offers mobile app for your field workers to receive alerts of jobs they have been scheduled, manage and see in-depth job details, collect payment etc.

Jobs and notifications

Field workers will get push notifications on their phone for scheduled jobs. All jobs are organized in stages to be pereformed perfectly.

Chat and file sharing

Starting a conversation and sharing files on both mobile device or computer is simple and straightforward.

Access restrictions

As an admin of your company, you can restrict your employees from accessing or modifying things like - contacts, invoices, eastimates etc

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